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Stay at Home - Garde-malade à domicile

No place like home.

Stay@Home is the result of the will power of 4 individuals, each of them with their own specialty in the world of care, wanting to create an alternative for the institutionalisation.

Stay@Home has developed a solution, adapted to everybody’s needs, no matter whether you are autonomous, valid, disabled or living in a service flat or whether you find yourself in a situation with a handicap, a chronic illness, a serious pathology or if you are palliative.

We offer you the possibility to have a resident health care provider at your disposal 24/24.

The service of Stay@Home affects your everyday life and leads to a prolongation of an independent life.

Stay@Home.... THE solution for staying at home

Our customers testify:

"Our mom is a woman over 90 years. She has always been very lively, dynamic and independent, but the age has taken her sight and therefore she can’t remain alone in her apartment. We have thought about a nursing home, but how can she handle that if you have no vision anymore?? How could she receive people in such a small space?

At that time, we heard about ‘Stay@Home’ and the ideal formula... both for her and for her extended family. She could stay at home with a very pleasant caretaker who lives with her and is automatically replaced during her absence of leaf by a competent and competent replacement.

Everything " runs " smoothly without the need to be worried. Even more, those responsible for Stay@Home are very present and easily accessible. In short, the dust has settled and our mom is in the best possible condition."

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